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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Playlist, 3/16/09

The Big Show, episode 12, January 1951
One of the better Shows, this one features Judy Holliday doing a scene from Born Yesterday, as well as a bizarre redneck satire with Tallulah B and Fred Allen. Sadly, fellow guest Eddie Cantor goes over like the proverbial lead balloon and Vaughan Monroe sings on key but through his nose: blecch. Gypsy Rose Lee is okay -- she was never that great an actress -- but she does get a few zingers trading off with Bankhead. Patrice Munsell provides a lovely aria from...ahh, well can't remember it, but she was great anyways.
D__of Fate: Peter Drake (1948) Absolutely terrible faux Suspense drama of henpecked husband driven to desperate acts to keep his job; the actress playing his wife was particularly wooden. There are only a few episodes of this Chicago series available, and if this is an example of the rest, avoid like the plague!
Life of Riley, Piano for Junior (1944) Riley's determined that his son be as talented a pianist as lil' Egbert, son of one of his buddies. Naturally, Junior would rather play baseball. An okay episode
Jeff Regan, Investigator (1948) The Lawyer & The Lady My first listen to this Jack Webb series but I was distracted by something else. I do remember witty and surprisingly sometimes risque' dialogue with a deep-voiced dame. Kind of a younger, hipper version of Phillip Marlowe.

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