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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Embassy Lark
Not sure what year this episode aired, probably the mid-60's. Standard variation on Are You Being Served with clones of Captain Peacock and Mrs Slocombe but set in a British embassy in unknown land. Plot had something to do with winning a lucrative government contract versus stereotypical Chinese and Russian embassy reps. Amusing but obviously not that memorable.
The Clock - Pretty Cousin Amy (3/23/47)
Creepy little tale of neurotic girl who comes to stay with relatives in NYC, then gradually takes over household until her cuz firmly puts her foot down via reverse psychology.
CBS Radio Mystery Theater - It's Murder, Mr. Lincoln
Rare effective episode of this overrated series concerns young man accused of killing rich man in 1840's Springfield, IL. Abe Lincoln, then a struggling young lawyer, comes to his rescue with the kind of deductive reasoning Sherlock Holmes would make famous years later.
CBS Workshop - Rain Rain Go Away (12/28/46)
Whiny, and ultimately supernaturally pushy little girl wills people to do her bidding re the weather via her violin playing. Feels like a Twilight Zone episode.
Curtain Time - Wanted, An Old Fashioned Girl
Cute comedy of sexist newspaperman seeking title character, not just for story but for true love. Trouble is she's not as innocent as she seems. Fellow fans of A League of Their Own will enjoy this one.
Dr Tim, Detective - The Guest in #2
This had to be aimed at young adults although it's so detailed, it plays like early CSI.
Fred Allen Show - Fetlock Bones, with Reginald Gardiner (4/9/44)
Allen was an effin' genius and this episode with its topical humor and satire on Sherlock Holmes is another fine example.
Jack Benny Program - Swimming Party (3/26/44)
Jack has the gang over for a swim before they go to the studio. Many wickedly funny jibes directed at JB's gf Gladys Zybisco, who sadly doesn't appear.

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