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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Recent Listens

Lux Theater - Mary of Scotland
Joan Crawford, Franchot Tone, Judith Evans
Crawford acquits herself pretty well in such high-toned company, as the lead (played by Kate Hepburn in the film), ill-fated queen.

Great Gildersleeve - Marjorie's Girlfriend Visits
Early episode (9/21/41) features saucy southern belle trying to seduce every man in sight, including Marjorie's boyfriend.

Cavalcade of America - Mr Peale and the Dinosaur
3/7/50 episode features Agnes Moorehead as the catty wife of title Natural History Museum founder Peale.

Fibber McGee and Molly - McGees Throw a Dinner Party & Quaratined for Measles
Pretty funny two-parter from March 1941 as Fibber & Molly endure party from ...heck.

Line Up - Politician's Home Bombed
6/28/51 episode of this effective early police procedural could have been plucked from yesterday's headlines.

Suspense - Dime A Dance
1/13/44 episode features Lucille Ball in change-of-pace role as a sharp-tongued taxi dancer being stalked by a serial killer with a thing for redheads.

X Minus One - Hostess
12/12/56 Isaac Asimov tale about a lady scientist who tries to be kind to a visiting alien despite her ignorant cop husband's running negativity.

Hall of Fantasy - The Man From Second Earth
8/10/53 episode about another alien home-visit (or is that invasion) that goes predictably awry.

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